Medical team


Why lasers and aesthetics

“Mens sana in corpore sano” is a quote from widespread JUVENAL, but better known in its translation “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. For me, this mantra is applicable to modern medicine. Physical wellbeing comes first by respect for basic physiological rules (nutrition & sport). However, I think it’s essential to appreciate ones body and it is here that aesthetic medicine techniques can help patients. So laser and aesthetic techniques are important ways to achieve the physical wellbeing and morale of the patient. It is in order to provide diversified solutions to my patients that I decided to get trained in Laser and Aesthetic Medicine.

Why Centre Laser Lyon?

Centre Laser Lyon is a place that allows for a serene work environment that is both functional and pleasant. We are equipped with the latest generation of materials to effectively handle treatments safely. At the center, the focus is on the contact of the physician and the patient in a medical relationship based on trust. We do not delegate our care. We support our patients throughout their treatment, promoting continuity of care. The way the centre operates is in line with my vision of what a doctor – patient relationship should be. That’s why I decided to join their medical team.

Successful treatment

Successful treatment comes down to two words for me: satisfaction and safety.
First, the satisfaction of the patient, for whom the results should be in line with his or her expectations. After which, the satisfaction of the physician who used the best of his or her knowledge to meet the demand of the patient, applying the ethical rules of the profession.

The search for satisfaction must never take precedence over safety, with the priority being to never bring harm to the patient.