Medical team

Dr Arnaud PONÇON

“Winner of the DIU for medical lasers at Paris Descartes, I am passionate about this technology. I want to offer safe, quality care to my patients, thanks to innovative and quality techniques.

Because inner well-being also goes through the perception that one has of oneself, I wanted to support my patients in their aesthetic process.

Medical lasers are an integral part of aesthetic medicine and offer a myriad of effective treatments. I like the diversity of their actions and their constant developments which allow more and more possibilities for dermatological treatments.

I chose Le Center Laser Lyon for its dynamic, professional and attentive team, its sumptuous setting, allowing me to take care of my patients in the best possible conditions. “


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Essai clinique

  • Traitement de l’hyperhidrose axillaire par micro-onde électromagnétique. (Miradry®) Évaluation de l’efficacité et de la tolérance clinique. A propos d’une série continue de cas de 26 patients.

Nov. 2016 ;  DIU médecine morphologique et anti-âge