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Offers in terms of permanent laser hair removal are multiple, price differences are sometimes incomprehensible and it is often difficult to know where and by whom to be treated safely.

Here are some tips to help you choose your laser hair removal clinic.

Laser hair removal clinic: a doctor at your service

First of all, for permanent hair removal, it is essential to listen to the doctor but the quality of the clinical examination is much more important. At the medical examination, your doctor must check that you have no contraindications or any risk of allergy. At this first consultation, before performing a permanent hair removal treatment, your doctor will perform a test on a few square centimeters of your skin. He will check before the start of each session the pigmentation of the skin, the existence of skin problems and any risk of photosensitivity of the skin due to prescription drugs.


In some cases, permanent laser hair removal may not be the best solution and your doctor will suggest an alternative.

Depending on your skin color and density of hair, the doctor at the laser treatment center will choose the appropriate wavelength. There are indeed two types of permanent hair removal lasers: Alexandrite (755nm) and Nd YAG (1064 nm). During treatment, the doctor will constantly monitor your skin reaction.


  1. Verify that the person receiving you for the initial consultation is a medical doctor, has a University Diploma in Laser Dermatology or a European Interuniversity Diploma in Medical Lasers, authorizing him to use class IV medical lasers.
  2. Ask for the make and model of the device and the wavelength used.
  3. At the end of your first consultation at the laser hair removal clinic, you must be given a consent form where all the information is consolidated: the approximate number of sessions for permanent hair removal, the fee per session, the type of laser, the name of the doctor who will follow you, etc.


The prices for permanent laser hair removal are necessarily higher than the prices for hair removal by intense pulsed light because a quality medical laser center and a trained medical team necessarily have a cost. It’s the price of security.

For permanent hair removal in Lyon, our center meets all the requirements and obligations mentioned above, you therefore have the assurance of safe and quality permanent hair removal.

To book your first consultation with our medical team, please contact us.