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Laser hair removal for women

Leg hair removal

Definitive laser leg hair removal is increasingly practiced. It can definitively overcome the hair that begs for regular attention to ensure smooth skin, before getting dressed up or going to the pool for example. With laser leg hair removal, you can forget the often long and tedious chore of waxing or shaving.

This treatment does not present any particular procedural problems. However, unlike other areas, the treated surface is large, and therefore the session lasts longer. It takes about 30 minutes for half the legs (including knees) and 45 to 60 minutes for the entire legs.

To be sure not to miss any part of your skin, the doctor will mark grid lines on your legs with a dermatological pen.

As your sessions go on, your leg hair will be significantly reduced, the regrowth will become slower and the hair will become thinner. Therefore treatment sessions will be more spaced out.
You would like more explanations on the progress of a laser hair removal session? Our video below will answer your questions with clarity.

Definitive laser hair removal is a medical process for hair removal. At the Centre Laser Lyon, it is practiced by doctor laserists having earned the specific necessary diplomas for the use of medical class IV lasers which provide effective results safely.

What is the price laser treatment for legs?

The price of laser hair removal for half-legs (including the knees) is 300 euros per session and 485 euros for the whole legs. If you want to treat multiple zones, please check all of our rates.

For a customized quote, make an appointment for a free initial consultation with one of the doctors of Centre Laser Lyon.