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    Photo rejuvenation

    The harmful effects of the sun or other factors damage the skin throughout your life … But there is a solution to erase the signs of time and regain the luster of your skin: photo rejuvenation.

    Photo Rejuvenation: What is it?

    Photo rejuvenation erases skin imperfections on the visible parts of the body like the neck, face and décolleté. These imperfections can be caused by sun damage but can also be due to vascular or genetic factors.
    Lentigines, brown spots, redness, wrinkles, enlarged pores … This technique, practiced in our center only by physicians, erase the signs of time and sun exposure by restoring luster to the skin and smoothing out the complexion. Results: you look younger, less tired and your skin is clearly more beautiful.

    What method is used?

    The laser is a true ally in the fight against time. What are its advantages? It erases skin imperfections linked to premature aging and stimulates collagen production to give the skin its suppleness and radiance.
    It acts deep down, below the epidermis, where no cream or any anti-aging serum can penetrate. Therefore it stimulates the production of new collagen and as such, fine lines and wrinkles will fade while the skin gains elasticity.
    It is suggested to alternate from Intense Pulsed Light to the use of lasers for optimum results. By combining these two techniques, collagen is stimulated even more and the skin thickens to be more responsive and renewed.

    How many sessions are needed?

    It usually takes 3-6 sessions (depending on the desired result) of about 20 minutes, spaced one month apart each time.
    Before laser treatment, you will apply a cool gel on the targeted areas (neck, chest, face, back of the hands), metal glasses will protect your eyes and your doctor will wear protective eyewear as well. Safety being paramount, your treatments are performed solely by qualified doctors.

    What are the contraindications?

    Potential contraindications for photo rejuvenation :

    • Tanned skin
    • Any current dermatological problems on the area receiving the treatment
    • Any suspicious skin lesions will need to be checked
    • Prior dermatological problems
    • Skin types V and VI
    • Collagenosis
    • Under the effects of a photo-sensitizing medication
    • If currently undergoing isotretinoin treatment
    • If pregnant or breast feeding

    How much is this treatment?

    The cost of a photo rejuvenation session is 150 euros. Your laser physician can offer you a 4-session treatment plan for 500€. An invoice can be given to you at the end of each treatment session. For a customized quote, make an appointment for a free initial consultation with one of the doctors of Centre Laser Lyon.