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    27 rue Godefroy, lyon 6ème

    The center

    Our commitments

    Centre Laser Lyon specializes in care for aesthetic purposes, mainly hair removal but also laser tattoo removal, the treatment of dark spots, skin disorders such as vascular lesions, scarring associated with acne, and wrinkles… Centre Laser Lyon also offers treatments to effectively refine the silhouette thanks to CoolSculpting.

    To best meet your expectations, Centre Laser Lyon is an expert in dermatological lasers and has the latest generation of medical equipment that allow for safe, effective treatments.

    Our promise

    We want to ensure care in the best conditions. For that, we hold ourselves to respect a Quality Charter that we esteem daily.

    Free quote

    During your first appointment, a doctor from Centre Laser Lyon will answer all your questions. He or she will inform you of your treatment options. After a laser test on your skin, if necessary, he or she will give you a free quote specifying the rates based on the selected treatment areas of your skin as well as the estimated number of sessions to perform.


    Centre Laser Lyon is equipped with the latest generation of lasers and medical equipment from the laboratories Cynosure, Candela Syneron, Zeltiq/Allergan and Novelskin. Our doctors can effectively treat all skin types for women and for men.


    All our treatments carried out on site are medical procedures that should be performed by physicians.
    All treatments are carried out by only our medical team. Our team consists of fully licensed medical doctors from Lyon who have also obtained the necessary university degrees for the use of these Class 4 medical lasers, which they use regularly. No medical procedure performed in the center is delegated. You will always be received, followed up on and treated by your same doctor.
    The equipment at Centre Laser Lyon is checked and maintained regularly and all of our doctors frequently follow clinical training conducted by the laboratories themselves. The hygiene of our treatment rooms and waiting areas are also a priority.


    Laser hair removal, long reserved for the elite, has become more accessible through improved lasers. The medical team also practices dermatological treatments for aesthetic purposes. Centre Laser Lyon has competitive rates, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of permanent hair removal. The cost of your treatment will be indicated during your first session, on your quote.


    Punctuality is a respect we owe you because your time is precious. Our doctors will receive you at Centre Laser Lyon at the specified time of your appointment.

    A pleasant setting

    Centre Laser Lyon boasts a central location in Lyon. It is easily accessible by public transport or by car. You will be welcomed in a pleasant, comfortable and confidential setting by the administrative team.