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    Laser hair removal

    Laser hair removal for women

    Women are often embarrassed by haire on their bikini area, underarm and leg hair. Other less common areas can also be treated with laser hair removal such as forearms, the umbilico-pubic line, lower back, buttocks and areolas. Clinical examination will be carried out initially by one of our doctors to ensure that tweezing areas can be treated.

    To date, laser hair removal is the only effective safe and painless way to get permanently smooth and hairless skin. You will no longer have to worry about wondering if you are shaved well enough when raising your arms, relaxing at the pool or beach, while working out or when wearing your favorite dress or skirt.

    Laser hair removal is permanent, meaning that at the end of your treatment sessions, there will be no need to ever shave or tweeze those treated areas. This is a time saver and a radical change in your life since you will not have to think about it any more. Laser hair removal will bring you comfort and serenity for a long time.

    Still have questions about the process of a laser hair removal session?

    Check out our video that provides clear and precise answers.