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traitement cicatrices laser Centre Laser Lyon

We use lasers as a method of smoothing the surface of the skin to treat scars and stretch marks.


Depending on the type of scar, the doctor will refer you to a treatment plan tailored to your needs and motives.
Not all scars are treated in the same way. Whichever the type of scar you would like to remove, it is necessary to first establish a medical diagnosis to ensure that there are no contraindications.
Scars from acne, which can be more or less deep, require treatment with an ablative laser. Surgical or post inflammatory scarring can, in turn, be treated with a dye pulsed laser.

Stretch Marks

As for stretch marks, it is also necessary, in advance, to diagnose if laser treatment can be performed. Only recent stretch marks can be treated with pulsed dye laser.
If your stretch marks are white, laser treatment can no longer be considered.
For more information, please contact us for a personalized diagnosis.