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Guide to laser hair removal

Step by step through a laser hair removal session

Epilation laser Définitive des aisselles à Lyon

Discover the progress of an initial session of laser hair removal through pictures.

The area to be treated should be shaved 24 to 48 hours before treatment depending on the speed of growth of the hair. The head of the hair should just touch the surface of the skin.

It is important that the area of skin not be waxed or tweezed because the bulb would then be removed with the hair and the session of laser hair removal, therefore, would be ineffective. You can, however, shave as many times as you wish.


Before starting treatment, the practitioner will once again make sure there are no contraindications. She or he will provide you with specific glasses to protect your eyes from the light emitted by the laser. The laser will scan the whole area methodically. Laser hair removal treatment is happily without pain as a jet of cold air continually blows against your skin for the duration of the session (older generation lasers or pulsed light require a small application of a gel on the skin). You will feel at most a little tingling during the act and a slight sensation of heat in the half hour that follows.



The duration of each laser hair removal session can vary as it depends on the surface to be treated. The short sessions last 15 minutes and the longest can exceed 1:30, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

During your session, only the hair follicles of the hair in the active phase of regrowth (anagen phase) will be destroyed. All hairs are not at the same phase of regrowth during a laser session. It will take a series of sessions to eliminate hair in its entirety. Between each session, it is necessary to wait for the regrowth of the hair, which will be from a few weeks to several months according to the progress of the treatment. Little by little, these hairs will become finer, fade and eventually disappear.

As an indication, satisfactory results are obtained within 5 to 7 sessions spread over the course of a little more than one year.


At the end of each session of laser hair removal, your doctor will advise you to apply a moisturizing cream. It will be necessary to continue to moisturize your skin for a few more days. Other tips more specific to your skin can be given to you during your sessions.

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