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Vascular lesions


Angiome rubis Centre Laser Lyon

The word angioma refers to a benign malformation of the form and structure of abnormally dilated blood or lymphatic vessels. It is very difficult to determine with certainty what causes them. They can be congenital, meaning they are present from birth, or they may appear in adulthood. Their evolution is not well known; they can grow slowly or decline until completely disappeared.

The different types of cutaneous angiomas


  • Spider veins

Spider veins are also known as spider angioma. They are often located on the face and hands but also on the rest of the body. They consist of a central vein that feeds smaller veins moving outward (like a spider web). To recognize a spider angioma, you can press it with your finger. It should disappear briefly before the redness comes back from the center outward due to blood reappearing.


  • Cherry angioma

They are most often located on the torso and limbs. They appear as small grains of several millimeters in diameter, bright red and protruding from the surface of the skin. They may bleed if scratched and do not disappear when pressed.


  • Port-wine stains

Port-wine stains (PWS), also called naevusflammeus or angioma simplex. These are malformations that are present at birth, very variable in size with a color ranging from pale pink to dark red. A PWS is characterized by expansion of the diameter of the capillaries on the surface of the skin. PWS usually never disappear. These birthmarks are the most difficult to eliminate.

Treatment of angiomas

There are several more-or-less effective treatments to remove angiomas, depending on their type and location.
For spider veins, before the appearance of lasers, doctors offered electrocoagulation. This mode of treatment would leave small scars on the surface of the skin and was not necessarily very effective.
Cherry angiomas could be destroyed with dry ice but this treatment sometimes left marks on the skin and could not be offered to patients with dark skin.
Nowadays, doctors have vascular lasers at their disposal, very effective in removing birthmarks.

The three major types of vascular lasers :

  • Nd YAG long pulse (1064 nm)
  • Pulsed dye (585 nm)
  • KTP (532 nm)

The pulsed dye laser is very effective but is more painful. It may cause bruising following the elimination of the vessels in the skin. This laser is used primarily for the treatment of facial injuries including rosacea and erythrose.
Centre Laser Lyon has chosen to use the Nd YAG long pulse and the pulsed dye lasers. These lasers treat spider veins and cherry angioma with zero downtime and without pain.
It usually takes one to three sessions one month apart to remove spider veins or cherry angioma.

How are angiomas laser treated?

Treatment is simple: you and your doctor protect your eyes with special glasses. Once the skin is disinfected, the doctor will pass the laser over the angiomas and they will disappear instantly. The Nd YAG long pulse laser has a skin cooling system built in to ensure a pain-free treatment.
You will be asked to stay out of the sun for a month after this treatment.
After the session, you will apply a healing cream for a few days. In some cases, it can form a thin crust on the surface of the skin that will fall of by itself, you should not try to remove it before it is ready.

Contraindications for laser treatment of angiomas

  • Any dermatological lesion still evolving at the treatment area
  • If pregnant or breast feeding
  • Very dark skin
  • Recent sun exposure
  • Under the effects of a photo-sensitizing medication

How much is laser treatment for angiomas?

The cost of your session will mainly depend on the number of angioma and the extent of the treatment area. On average, a fifteen-minute session costs about 150 euros.

Treatment of angiomas :

  • Treatment is performed by qualified laserist doctors.
  • With no downtime, you can continue your activities the same day without any marks from treatment.
  • No sun for a month after your session.
  • State-of the art equipment with the latest generation of lasers.
  • Between 1 and 2 sessions.
  • Prices from 80€ per session.

If you would like further information, your first medical consultation will allow you to establish a personalized treatment plan.