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Laser Nd Yag Q Switched RevLite

The Nd: YAG Q Switched RevLite laser is a medical device from the American laboratory Cynosure. This laboratory currently holds more than 37 patents and only distributes its lasers to professionals in aesthetic medicine.

Tattoo Removal

This system provides two additional wavelengths (532 and 1064 nm) with the Multilite device to remove color tattoos on all skin types. It is, however, not possible to treat tattoos with white or pastel shades. This laser cannot handle permanent or semi-permanent makeup, either.

It functions by photomechanical effect. It eliminates tattoo ink by targeting pigments within the skin with a high intensity light beam that fragment the ink into smaller particles. The body then removes the ink particles naturally until the tattoo is no longer visible. It is necessary for multiple sessions spaced at least two months apart to get satisfactory results. The duration of the treatment plan will depend on the quality of the ink that was used and the depth of the tattoo below the epidermis. At your initial diagnosis with your doctor, these factors will help determine the number of sessions required.

Dark Spots

This laser is used for the treatment of dark spots related to the sun or aging. These dark spots are frequently found on areas mainly exposed to the sun such as the face, neck, shoulders and hands. When our sun capital is weakened, these spots no longer disappear when the skin loses the rest of its tan. This laser does not treat white spots, hormonal spots, moles, or birthmarks…

A single session is usually sufficient but this is to be defined by your doctor at the initial medical diagnosis.

Photo Rejuvenation

The RevLite laser improves the overall quality of the skin, tightens pores and gives radiance to the skin through the stimulation of collagen. This technique is called photo rejuvenation. It is usually necessary to perform several sessions over a period of time so that the results are visible.