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Etwo Radiofrequency from Candela is aimed at treating skin conditions such as facial and neck wrinkles, photoaging and acne scarring.

Unlike more ablative treatments as fractional CO2 laser treatment or skin peels, this medical device allows minimal downtime as a great advantage. Besides, it can perform on all skin phototypes: we therefore can offer this treatment to light, dark or black skin.
The Centre Laser Lyon will prefer the use of the SublativeTM applicator. With its 64-electrode tip, this fractional bipolar radiofrequency device will improve complexion and skin quality, and perform on rejuvenation.
Placed on the skin surface, the electrodes will diffuse radiofrequency energy in the top layers of the dermis, leading to an important increase of collagen and elastin production, with a minimal skin effraction.



Patients will experience immediate and visible results, with 3-4 recommended sessions spaced a couple of weeks apart for an optimal result.
Skin is tightened, brighter and firmer with low downtime (with redness may come swelling of some areas of the treated skin surface). Patients can wear makeup 48 hours after the procedure.