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    Guide to laser hair removal

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    traitement cicatrices laser Centre Laser Lyon
    The 5 things to remember for your laser hair removal treatment.

    Before starting your first session of laser hair removal, the laser doctors of Centre Laser Lyon are here to give you some recommendations.

    All points discussed in this video are systematically discussed during the first meeting with your doctor.

    If you have not had this first appointment yet, you will also have the opportunity to ask the doctor more questions.


    First of all your skin must be totally free of any tan. Indeed tanning exposes a risk of hyper- or hypo-pigmentation, which is reversible over several months.

    Do not apply self-tanning cream to the treated areas and avoid taking beta-carotene food supplements: beta-carotene may pigment your skin.

    If you are going on medication, you should tell your doctor because some medications are said to be sensitizing-they make your skin more sensitive to light. In this case your laser treatment session will be postponed. You must first complete your prescription safely.

    The day before your treatment you will be asked to shave the areas you want treated with a disposable razor. Do not discolor or pull out hair with wax or tweezers.

    You should not apply perfume, cream, tanning or makeup to the area to be treated on the day of the session. If an anesthetic cream has been prescribed, you should liberally apply it one hour before treatment.

    At the end of the session your doctor will ask you to apply a moisturizer on the treated areas. Avoid excessive sun exposure for at least 15 days and for the 72 hours following the session, avoid going to the sauna or steam room.

    Laser hair removal is not advised in the case of pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding.

    Check out the video of the recommendations of our medical team to make your laser hair removal session a success.