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Laser hair removal for women

Underarm hair removal

Underarm laser hair removal is a frequently asked treatment by patients. The results of underarm laser hair removal are excellent because the characteristics of the hair in the armpits (pigmented and thick hair) which enable a smooth area quickly. As with all other areas, the laser is effective in the hair growth phase.

The doctor will ensure that is not any contraindication to your treatment and check that you have taken time to shave the targeted area the day before or the morning of your session. The session will last only a few minutes and you can, if you want, apply a numbing cream one-hour to an hour and a half before treatment.

Moreover, this is an area that can be treated at any time of year, because there is usually very little sunlight that reaches here.

With the results obtained, this method of permanent hair removal is quick, efficient and painless, attracting more and more patients. Not having to worry about waxing armpits, especially in summer, is a true everyday comfort.

Want more information about the progress of a laser hair removal session? Check out our video that clearly explains the laser hair removal process.

Underarm laser hair removal is 85 euros per session. After your consultation, an invoice will be delivered upon request after your payment. For a customized quote, make an appointment for a free initial consultation with one of the doctors at Centre Laser Lyon.