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CO2 split multiscan laser

The fractional CO2 MultiScan Laser is the ultimate ablative fractional laser by the Cynosure laboratory.

Combining safety and performance, it allows the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles as well as of scars.

How does the Co2 fractional laser work?

The principle of “fractional” lasers is to create micro-crevaces evenly spaced out which creates an abrasion to regenerate the skin and smooth out imperfections.

Only clear skin types (1 or 2* maximum) can benefit from this treatment. Use of this laser on skin that is too dark may cause hyperpigmentation or depigmentation of the skin.

The amount of layers of skin removed will determine the recovery time post treatment. This will clearly be stipulated at the first diagnosis depending on your motivations and outcome goals with your doctor. There will generally be several days of downtime and avoidance of sun exposure for several months.


  • Phototype 1

This type of skin easily reacts to sunlight. Usually people with this type of skin do not tan and regularly burn when exposed to the sun. Blonds and redheads belong to this category of skin.

  • Phototype 2

This type of skin also reacts to the sun and tans with difficulty. The first sun exposure of the season is often accompanied by minor sunburn. This type of skin is very fair and usually belongs to people with blond or light-brown hair and often light eyes.

Les différents type de couleur de peau