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Traitement des rides au laser à Lyon

Are you ready to erase the first signs of aging?

Lasers can refine your skin texture, smooth your first wrinkles and erase your imperfections.

Centre Laser Lyon has three methods tailored to suit your needs :

  • To improve the appearance of your skin in a few sessions and without any downtime, it is possible to undergo a cutaneous rejuvenation treatment program. These lasers deliver energy pulses which stimulate the production of collagen and clean the skin from deep down. You will have a guaranteed sparkle.
  • To smooth your skin where wrinkles are more pronounced, it is possible to undergo a fractional ablative CO2 laser treatment. This treatment helps reduce wrinkles and scars, will give a tightening effect on the skin and improves its general appearance. This method can result in downtime, depending on the intensity of treatment.
  • To fill in wrinkles, restore volume to your face, correct your imperfections or even restore radiance to your complexion, we also offer hyaluronic acid injections or botulinic toxin. You can visit our website dedicated to morphological medicine and anti-aging.

For more information and to define the treatment plan that’s right for you, contact one of our doctors who is ready to serve you.
The first medical consultation will allow you to get the answers to all your questions about what type of treatment is best for your skin.