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    Laser hair removal

    Laser hair removal for men

    Epilation laser dos homme Lyon

    Many men wish to undergo permanent hair removal to remove unsightly body hair on certain areas of their body. Laser hair removal for men is becoming more widespread and offers men an optimal method to allow them to take care of their appearance. The Centre Laser Lyon offers various options for male hair removal adapted to their skin and amount of body hair.

    Permanent hair removal of male body hair

    Permanent hair removal is not reserved to women; men can also get rid of their unwanted hair! This medical procedure has become routine and helps get rid of hair in the back, on the chest or at the contour of the beard. This treatment removes hair on almost all areas of the body as well on clear as on dark skin. However, it is important to know that as for women, laser hair removal cannot treat fine down; only thick hair may respond to laser treatment.

    This type of laser hair removal can be done at the beard to avoid ingrown hairs or cysts that are often present in patients with a high phototype. This is an effective solution to treat folliculitis.
    Laser hair removal can also treat hair back, again, if it is indeed thick and dark hair.

    For the chest, there are two distinct areas: the chest and abdominal area.

    What solutions?

    Permanent hair removal for men is different from women because male hair has a greater caliber and is more deeply embedded in the dermis. In addition, testosterone tends to stimulate hair regrowth. The pulsed light or flash lamp is not powerful enough to remove male hair optimally and sustainably. So the medical team at Centre Laser Lyon disposes of medical class IV lasers. The lasers used allow for faster and more widespread areas for treatments. Male laser hair removal can be sensitive in certain areas. All lasers are equipped with a cooling system that delivers very cold air at the surface of the skin when the laser is in operation. This makes the sessions nearly pain free.

    You should take note that laser treatment is not entirely effective on white, light and red hair. A trial is done on this particular type of hair before an official session.

    What is the process of a laser hair removal session?

    A doctor must examine the hair to determine if laser treatment can be considered. It is therefore necessary to come to make a first appointment to meet with a doctor laserist. He will diagnose your skin and the hair you want to treat. Before each session, the area to be treated must be shaved and it is important to not apply cream and that the skin not be tanned. Before treatment, your doctor will plot the area to be treated by laser hair removal using a dermatological pen. At each session, all desired areas will be treated. At the end of each session, your doctor will ask you to apply a moisturizer. It is recommended to properly hydrate the skin for the next few days the session. Like all laser sessions, avoid sun exposure both one month before and after your treatment. In light of the differences from female hair removal, maintenance sessions can be scheduled.

    Laser hair removal for men rates vary between 140 and 375 euros per meeting. A personalized quotation is issued upon your first visit.

    For more information on permanent hair removal in Lyon, please make an appointment at the Centre Laser Lyon at +33 4 37 42 09 25.