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    Laser hair removal for women

    Bikini line hair removal

    Traditional hair removal on your bikini line can typically be a source of stress and imperfections. To put an end to irritating, painful manual shaving or waxing, permanent laser hair removal is the solution. This modern treatment can put an end to ingrown hairs and pimples to allow you to have smooth skin for life!

    Discover the process of laser hair removal on your bikini line.

    Permanent laser hair removal is a medical treatment performed by a licensed doctor laserist, which can be done on skin from fair to olive or black.
    During your first session, you will choose, with the advice of your Centre Laser Lyon doctor laserist, the bikini shape that suits you best. There are several types of shapes: classic, partial and full bikini.
    It will be very important that you shave you the day before or the morning of your session based on the type of bikini shape you have chosen. Your doctor will pass the laser beam on the hairless areas. If treatment is sometimes sensitive, an anesthetic cream may be prescribed to you. Remember to wear light-colored clothing and cotton for comfort.

    The different types of bikini line shapes

    Classic :
    This is the most standard bikini line shape. The doctor will pass the laser beam on the exposed skin to eradicate the hair which may protrude from your undergarments. This is the hair that lies outside of the pubic area on the upper thighs and groin. The amount of hair on the pubic area will be little if at all affected but the skin around your undergarments will be smooth and hair-free.

    During treatment, the doctor will ask you to pull down your underwear to reveal a larger area of skin in the pubic area. The treated areas will therefore be part of your pubic area in addition you’re your upper thighs and groin. What will remain is hair in the inner part of the pubic area and labia. This kind of bikini line laser hair removal is most suitable for women who frequently wear thongs or bikinis.

    This treatment is aimed at totally eliminating the hair from the entire pubic region as well as the labia and perineum. This treatment is very effective but it is important to understand that on the external labia, as the skin is often thinner and darker, a fine down may remain. This treatment is definitive and can give a prepubescent appearance. It is therefore important to think about your choice.

    What are the rates for bikini area hair removal ?

    The rate for bikini hair removal ranges from 110 euros to 160 euros per session, depending on the chosen shape. Check our rates for more precision.

    For a personalized quote, make an appointment for a free initial consultation with one of the doctors of Centre Laser Lyon.