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    27 rue Godefroy, lyon 6ème

    The center

    Administrative Team

    Your care begins from when you first call or come into our establishment. We give great importance to listening to you and your reception by a medical team and administrative team who shares common values.

    For your comfort and to tend to your reception, the administrative team of Centre Laser Lyon is available daily and without interruption to help you in the most qualitative manner possible.
    The administrative team consists of two assistants and a manager.

    Celine and Vanessa await you at the reception and switchboard. They are there to pamper you.

    In order for our commitments to be met and to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible, Elsa, Center Director, also pays attention to the smallest of details.


    Elsa, directrice

    “I have worked as Director of at Centre Laser Lyon since January 2015. It’s a real pleasure to come to work with the goal of bringing you the best of us. I place a lot of importance in the environment in which we receive our patients. The human aspect remains one of my priorities with our teams and we demonstrate that daily to each of our patients. My job is to bring you the answers to your questions with constantly evolving websites and clear and precise on-hand means of communication.”


    Céline, assistante

    “Hello, my name is Celine and I have been a secretary at Centre Laser Lyon since November 2015.
    As I am your first contact with our medical centre, I will guide you and do my best to fulfill your expectations. For me, it is important that we create an environment of trust; therefore, your wellbeing and satisfaction are my top priorities.”


    Vanessa, assistante

    “Hello, my name is Lucie and I have been a secretary at Centre Laser Lyon since September 2018.»
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