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    Laser hair removal for men

    Chest hair removal

    More and more men these days who mind their appearance are interested in laser hair removal. Like the beard or back, laser hair removal for the chest and abdomen is possible. The reasons are many and varied: for a hygiene issue, for sporting reasons or just before going on holiday to more easily apply sunscreen, lasers are the solution.
    Permanent chest hair removal has become an act frequently asked for by men.

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    Laser hair removal for the chest and abdomen

    There are two areas: the torso itself, i.e. the chest area, and the abdomen, i.e. the skin in the abdominal region.
    The treatment can be considered on thick, dark chest hair. It is important that the laser not pass over the down, in other words, the short, soft hair that may be present on the sides of the abdomen for risk of stimulating hair growth. The laser is effective on dark hair from all skin types but not on white, blond or red hair because they do not contain melanin. If you are considering permanent hair removal for your torso, we urge you to make the choice of medical treatment with Class IV medical lasers done in the best conditions for the best results. Consult the Guide page for laser hair removal.

    Before and during the session

    During your first consultation, the doctor will examine your hair and help guide your choices. It will be necessary to properly shave the area 24 hours before the procedure so that the areas to be treated are hairless. Your practitioner will mark a grid pattern on the skin using a dermatological pen to properly cover the entirety of the skin surface to be treated.
    In some cases, when hair density is high and the skin cooling system is not sufficient, your physician may prescribe an anesthetic cream to be applied one hour before treatment.

    For more information, watch our video about the progress of laser hair removal.

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