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    Guide to laser hair removal

    Our contraindications

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    Laser hair removal is an effective and safe medical procedure as long as competent doctors perform it in the right conditions.
    Contraindications are limited but should be sought after at the beginning of each session.


    Tanning fills the skin with melanin, which absorbs part of the energy of the beam, which can then induce burns. Tanning can be the result of natural sun exposure but can also come from UV booths and self-tanners. The medical team advises you to avoid sun exposure to the treated areas of your skin one month before a laser session, this advice applying to ALL types of skin.


    Photosensitizing medicines also make the skin very sensitive to light. These medications are common and may require the doctor to push back the treatment session anywhere from two weeks to several months. Some hormonal treatments can also make the treatment ineffective. At the beginning of each session, your doctor will ask you if you have any current medical treatments. If so, consider either taking your prescription with you or taking note of what you have been prescribed.


    Pregnancy and breastfeeding are contraindications, in principle, for any treatment. All current dermatological disorders, but also photodermatoses or cutaneous tumors are also contraindications. Finally, white hairs, very blond and very red do not respond to treatment by laser hair removal.

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