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    Laser hair removal for men

    Hair removal for beards

    Epilation laser homme barbe à Lyon

    Far from a fad, men like to take care of their appearance and there are many who wish to get rid of unwanted hair. For this, they resort to permanent hair removal.

    Special focus on laser facial hair removal for men

    For men, facial hair can often lead to the development of folliculitis, ingrown hair or cysts among the hair on the face, neck and shirt collar. These skin conditions are caused by regular shaving or trimming and bacterial overgrowth in beard hair. If these skin problems are present for fair skin, they are even more often found in patients with olive or dark skin.

    Laser hair removal for the beard is a very effective solution to effectively treat folliculitis. But hair removal for this area is a particular treatment. It is to be considered very carefully because of its permanence.

    We indeed most often recommend for men to not completely remove all of the facial hair at the risk of making a too feminine face. It is possible to treat the contours of the beard to have an always-impeccable beard (shaved or trimmed). Like this, the treated skin is still smooth but without bumps or redness. This can also be used on the area between your brows. For more information, you can talk to your doctor during your consultation.

    The laser session

    Two lasers may be required depending on the color of your skin and the density of your beard: either the Alexandrite laser or the Nd YAG from the brand Cynosure ©. The morning of your appointment, you will manually shave the areas to be treated using a razor. During the first sessions, your doctor will prescribe an anesthetic cream applied one hour prior to the treatment so that it is completely painless.

    Discover in pictures what happens during a laser hair removal session for men.