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Guide to laser hair removal

How does it work ?

To understand how permanent hair removal works, you should know that hair in general follows a growth cycle and does not grow at the same time or at the same speed. As the hair removal laser can only act effectively on hair follicles in the growth phase, it may be necessary to go through several sessions.

Definitive laser hair removal is based on the thermolysis principle: light energy emitted by the hair removal laser is transformed into heat, which leads to the destruction of the hair follicle.

Discover the essentials of permanent laser hair removal explained in detail by one of our doctors at the Centre Laser Lyon. We start by taking all of the necessary precautions before definitive hair removal. A licensed medical doctor performs the treatment with all of the certifications for this type of intervention.

An initial meeting is first organized in our definitive hair removal center in Lyon. There, allergies are tested, the type of laser is determined and a quote detailing all necessary information (price, number of sessions, doctor’s name, and more) is given to you. It is only then that our definitive hair removal center in Lyon will proceed to your treatment.