27 rue Godefroy, lyon 6ème

The center

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The center is located in a Haussmann-style apartment that was designed by an architect from Lyon at the end of 2016. The idea was to maintain intimacy in this space to improve your comfort and retain some discretion during your consultations.

All consultation and waiting rooms have been carefully thought out to uphold a warm and relaxing atmosphere.


The reception area is the first space you see as you enter the center. It is here that our receptionists will greet you before guiding you to have a seat in the waiting room before the doctor sees you. This is also where you will pay for your consultations at the end of your treatments.

The waiting room

The waiting room is where you can relax in large sofas and chairs made available to you. A space for reading about and viewing our treatment techniques on a big screen is also here. You can also learn more out about all the available techniques that we perform in our center on the different displays around the room. You can discuss these treatments later in more detail with your doctor during your appointment.

The treatment rooms

The center has seven treatment rooms. Each one is dedicated to a specific treatment. The facilities and medical equipment are meticulously prepared each day so that treatment can be carried out in optimum conditions and in a pleasant environment.

Room 1

This room is equipped with an Elite + laser to perform laser hair removal and some vascular treatments.

Room 2

Room No. 2 is dedicated to MiraDry and fractional CO2 laser treatments.

Room 3

Room 3 is also equipped with an Elite+ laser for laser hair removal. This room is also equipped with a pulsed dye laser for treating vascular lesions.

Room 4

Room 4 is dedicated to aesthetic medicine operations. This is the room where you will receive your injections.

Room 5

Room 5 is the room dedicated to laser treatment to remove your tattoos and dark spots and also for photo rejuvenation.

Room 6

Room 6 is the 3rd room equipped with an Elite+ laser for laser hair removal and vascular lesions.

Room 7

Room No. 7 is equipped with CoolSculpting. It is in this room that you can get rid of your unsightly bulges and relax during the treatment.