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Your first consultation

Première consultation médicale au Centre Laser Lyon

We place great importance into the quality of care for our patients from the first appointment.

The first medical consultation between laserist doctor and patient is an essential step before considering a treatment plan.

Free medical consultation

A dedicated doctor who will accompany you throughout your treatment will receive you at your first consultation. It is important to emphasize that we do not delegate our actions for your safety.
The doctor has an advisory role in order to objectively answer your issues before any decision to intervene. He will listen to you to understand your expectations and provide you with precise explanations of the proposed techniques.

Once she or he has given all explanations, a complete medical examination will be conducted.

A thorough medical diagnosis

During this initial consultation, your doctor will examine you to make an accurate diagnosis regardless of the desired treatment. This medical examination will allow the doctor to eliminate any contraindication to lasers to validate the feasibility of the treatment. All the information that she or he deems necessary for the proper course of treatment will be annotated in your medical record.

For laser hair removal, your doctor will direct a diagnosis of your hair. You will be asked when making this appointment to come not shaved. Depending on the area you wish to treat, your skin type will also be identified. Once these precautions are taken, the doctor will run a test on your skin for two reasons. First, this will show that this technique is painless. Second, this test will enable the physician to ensure proper skin reaction.

Once the analysis has been done, a quote and the list of medical recommendations to follow will be hand delivered by your doctor.

A personalized estimate

After this initial consultation and in accordance with the legislation in force in France on medical lasers, the doctor will systematically give you a quote without any obligation. On this quote will appear: the name of the doctor who will follow you throughout your treatment, his or her Medical Association registration number, the details of their professional insurance, treatment plan details with areas to be treated, the fee per sessions for the desired areas, as well as the equipment used.

This appointment is free and without any obligation to allow you to think before you decide. You will leave with answers to your questions and will have up to two weeks to make your decision.

Check our rates or contact us for more information and to make your first appointment.