Medical team


Appearance is the first image you have of yourself and that you offer to others. Genetics, time, and personal history are all factors that contribute to its construction and its evolution over time.

Aesthetic medicine is a science that fascinates me, both from a technical point of view due to the richness and complexity of the processes and technologies used, and on a human and professional level through the pleasure obtained in satisfying and contributing to well-being. of the patient. It was therefore natural that I chose to take training in lasers for aesthetic purposes during my medical studies. The diversity and effectiveness of the possible treatments captivated me and I absolutely wanted to develop skills in this area.

A general practitioner by training, I know the importance of listening, advising, and supporting the patient, but also and above all the need to work in rigor and safety, the only guarantees of safe, effective treatment and adapted to the patient’s request.

I am delighted to have joined the Center Laser Lyon team. I was seduced by the expertise and professionalism of each member of the team, the diversity of the technical platform offering a wide possibility of care, the ideal working environment.